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so I fiiiiiinally got my copy (I'm probably like the last one ugh) and wow this stuff is great

Krauser continues to be one of my favorites, because he's so ridiculously adorable: he really likes Yagyuu because Yagyuu was very nice to him, he's of course studying Japanese, he's JEALOUS of the other students who have senpais, and unexpectedly he gets along with Ryoma. And the thing he's bad with is Akaya. LOL. (was that in his profile last time??)

I can confirm that little thing going around saying Tokugawa thinks of Ryoma as a little brother, so now that it "seems like he's going to be taken away by Ryoga" there's some rivalry going on there, hahahaha

anyways moving onto the most important things (aka Shun-senpai and Issa)…
Shun has his interest in techie stuff, like his interests are, again, blogging and Twitter. His favorite color is CHERRY BLOSSOM PINK (yea idk I wasn't expecting that at all, though I probably should've because of his name…) and he's not in any committees (probs too busy blogging). He has a mom, dad, older sister & younger brother, and his favorite food is…canned peaches? He likes canned white peaches, ok moving on he wants a new Smartphone and hates mushrooms. He's very fast in sending out mail on both a Smartphone and an oldie phone (like a fliptop). His blog is, once again, titled, "Haru (Spring) and Tennis and Sometimes Electronics" and his screen name is Haru (yet ANOTHER play on his name, Shun's name has the character for "spring" in it). Also he has three freaking cellphones, and it even lists them as a Willcom, a Smartphone, and one with a good camera. BUT what stood out to me through all this is that he's a righty, until he uses Synchro–––––in which his dominant hand becomes left.

Issa's profile is a little less exciting but HE REALLY REALLY LIKES KARAOKE it tells us again his interests lie in karaoke (and it reminds us that he likes ~mature women~), that he's going to karaoke alone a lot lately, and also he dislikes people that hog the mic. His favorite color is yellow-green (is that why he dyed his hair blue??) and he likes basashi. He also wants a guitar and can apparently songwrite for it, both lyrics and music.

I decided to check Mouri's profile on a whim and saw that he wants a frying pan and his skill other than tennis is this pro wrestling move. Oh, he also is bad with hot things!!! Cat's tongue!! Aaah, I feel you, Mouri. It also says he originally was from Shitenhouji, but transferred to Rikkai in middle school. Also!!!! ALSO!!!!! Wow I wasn't expecting Mouri and Kaji to have ANY canon relationship or anything I thought it was only a fan's dream, but here!!! It says that he thinks of himself and Kaji as in the "natural perm alliance"!! But if he said that out loud Kaji would get angry so he thinks it in his heart. (Kaji hates it when you call his hair a natural perm. it's just curly.)
speaking of Kaji, he's into divination, it's really strange. And he wants hair wax. And he's in the book club and hates disruptive noises. I think he'd get along well with Piyo.

also we're getting new OVAs that continue the story??? we get to see animated Kaji and Akuto-nii-san waaaaa


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United States
Age ;; 18
Birthday ;; May 29

My username is because of the name I chose for back when I was like. 13. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to bring it over. If I could change it, you know I'd be on it.

Now a college student–––––obsesses over Psyren and Hunter x Hunter and YuYu Hakusho and now Gintama as it returns! OTP of OTPs is those guys up there, Amagi Miroku x Junas, or Marijuana 0605 as I call it. No one understands my love for these two.

Don't have much time to draw nowadays, but I'm persevering!

Currently doing: 45 seconds? ONE WHOLE MINUTE?!

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PlatinaStar Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

D: Sorry...

But still a late ''happy birthday''
Arrina-san Featured By Owner May 30, 2012

thank you very much! :hug:
ShadowDragonK Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
(regarding your ID description) I had the same moment when I was looking "Shishigaku" up on Google as well...
Looking forward to your Washio & Suzuki drawing btw~
Arrina-san Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Really? I couldn't believe myself when that happened, I'm kinda relieved it wasn't just me… xD;
Haha, hopefully I can get it done soon, seeing how school has started again… :faint: I'm still in "summer-mode"…
ShadowDragonK Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Haha, yeah. Especially since it's probably really rare for a PoT fan to look up the name of that school. Did you start searching it after reading about the Dai-senpais?
Nevertheless, do your best on it!
Arrina-san Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
I did. xD Finding things on Issa and Shun is so hard; I don't get why the Japanese fans like that…uhm, Miyako, was it? and the flower guy more. Issa and Shun are way cooler…
ty, I shall!
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